Défier avec animation

Tristian Goik décrypte les cris de résistance qui traversent le cinéma d'animation ... Il évoque RIOT dans cet article "Defiance in animation" pour ASIFA MAGAZINE : 

I attended one protest rally in New York City this year, and I will never forget the people’s signs. Whether they used markers or printed out memes, everyone held posters just above their heads. They used only their hands; we had heard that any sort of pole would be viewed as aggressive.


Some animation is also defiantly...not animated. Riot (Frank Ternier, France 2017) mixes live action actors watching a video on their phone with graphic animation of a vigilante street shooting. In an ugly mess of anger and resentment, the drawings of nameless people in dark French suburbs switch to footage of an elderly black woman crying. 

L'article complet est à retrouver dans le magazine papier, disponible dans les festivals internationaux d'animation et la version numérique sur www.asifa.net.

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